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Celebrate the completion of six tube glass bead production e

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Congratulations on the 0.6-6mm glass bead production line car sent to Taizhou. After nearly a month, all the staff of the company have worked hard to complete the glass bead production equipment. 0.6-6mm glass bead production line equipment has six tube glass bead production furnace (gas furnace), glass bead drying furnace, glass bead cleaning tank, feeding equipment and so on. The company has advanced technology, safe and environmental protection and exquisite workmanship. As shown in the picture:

Left glass bead drying furnace, right glass bead cleaning tank

Six tube glass bead burning furnace

Left glass bead drying furnace , Right 6 tube glass bead burning furnace 
Thanks to the hard work and sweat all the staff for a month again, let us make persistent efforts to create brilliant!

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