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Glass bead Electric furnace production line

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Glass bead Electric furnace

        First, all kinds of raw materials for producing glass beads are converged. After mixing all kinds of raw materials through a mixer. Use the conveying equipment to enter the distributor of the electric furnace at constant speed. When the furnace temperature rises to about 1000 degrees Celsius through the electric heating equipment. Through the complex physical function in the pipe of the electric furna.Molten particles are constantly rolling in the furnace tube to form spheres. The form of the glass bead is basically formed. When the ball rises away from the furnace, when the air is 500 degrees Celsius, the glass beads are formed. After further cooling, the surface impurities of the glass beads are cleaned and removed. The glass beads after the removal of impurities become glossy, transparent and beautiful, and the glass microbeads are again through the drying equipment. After drying, the glass beads are separated and packaged by screening.
The equipment included in the whole process of production:

— Dust catcher
— The shelf of tons packages
— Batch mixer
— Material elevator
— Mixing hopper
— Fired furnace
— Vibration feeder
— Feeding elevator
— Cooling spiral
— Product cleaning machine
— Vibrating feeder
— Feeding elevator
— Cooling spiral
— Produte cleaning machine
— Crane
— finished kiln
— Vibrating screen and Cyclotomic device
About consumption of electric furnace:
  When the electric furnace starts, the power consumption reaches a peak of 120kw/h(90%).During its normal operation, the electric consumption is only about 60% of the peak power consumption. According to the actual situation, the electric consumption will fluctuate.

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