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  • Glass bead screening device

    Glass bead screening device 2018-04-25

    Glass bead sieving device called glass bead shape selecting device is detecting the road reflecting marking of glass beads round rate of special equipment. Characteristics of glass bead screening devic...
  • Heavy me<x>tal detector

    Heavy metal detector 2018-04-25

    Equipment is mainly in view of the detection of glass micro bead of heavy metals is excessive each customer of glass micro beads for different our company improve customer requirements to the detect...
  • Inverse coefficient tester

    Inverse coefficient tester 2018-04-17

    Equipment mainly in view of the detection of glass micro bead reactance coefficient each customer in each area of glass micro bead reactance coefficient requires different company according to the cust...
  • Particle size measuring instrument

    Particle size measuring instrument 2018-04-17

    1 must use stainless steel sieve bang screen mainly to avoid sample sieve rust caused by glass micro bead produce unwanted impurities and effect of glass bead transparency increase in impurities. 2 sam...
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