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  • Turbine draught fan

    Turbine draught fan 2018-04-26

    Overview of turbine induced draft fans: The wind turbine is based on the principle that the kinetic energy is converted into potential energy the gas is accelerated by the high speed rotating impell...
  • Hopper

    Hopper 2018-04-26

    Binproduct overview; Prepare silo is production line began to end and the material in the transition section of the junction the bin outlet is equipped with a vibrating motor in order to get rid of the...
  • Pulse bag filter

    Pulse bag filter 2018-04-26

    Product overview of pulse bag filter: Pulse bag filter is on the basis of bag filter improved new type of high efficiency pulse bag filter. In order to further improve the pulse bag type dust collector...
  • Electromagnetic feeder

    Electromagnetic feeder 2018-04-26

    Product overview GZ series electromagnetic feeder: GZ series electromagnetic vibrating feeder is widely used in metallurgy mining coal building materials chemical industry electricity food machinery...
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