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  • YBS circular vibrating screen

    YBS circular vibrating screen 2018-04-25

    Circular vibrating screenis designed to meet the large output high precision screening of manufacturers andspecial design of a high efficiency screening machine the most simple screening is the eyes of...
  • FYBS swing screen (square screen)

    FYBS swing screen (square screen) 2018-04-25

    Introduction of FYBS swing sieve: The simple pursuit of screening accuracy will be at the expense of the production cost and the pursuit of high yield will drop the accuracy and precision square swing ...
  • QS vertical airflow screening machine

    QS vertical airflow screening machine 2018-04-25

    Working principle of QS vertical air flow screening machine: QS series air screening machine abandoned the principle of gravity potential energy operation using air as the carrier the principle of kine...
  • WQ horizontal air flow screen

    WQ horizontal air flow screen 2018-04-25

    Working principle of WQ horizontal air flow screen: The device screen is in the shape of a circular cylinder is arranged in the machine body material through the spiral conveying system and air mixing ...
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